Super Wide Flat Neon Orange Shoe Laces

Super Wide Flat Neon Orange Shoe Laces - 20mm wide

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These 20mm wide laces are designed to give the old school look to any pair of sneakers. Made from a tight weave to prevent the snagging or stretching usually associated with such fat laces, they maintain their width once laced. They suit any trainers and come in a wide variety of shades but currently only single colours are available. These laces are particularly popular with wearers of Adidas Superstar, Puma Clydes and Nike Air Force Ones. This pair are Fat Neon Orange shoelaces.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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William Davies
Big laces innit

Definitely the best laces if you want to go fat, can get cheaper but do look cheaper, why skimp on a few quid

Marc Ng
Exactly what I was looking for

These laces are perect - tough, bright (I ordered bright orange ones) and I am confident they will be as hard-wearing and durable as I need them to be.

Julio Espin

Really cool, you just have to take care with them as they are easily snagged.