Rope Style Round Yellow Laces

Rope Style Round Reflective Yellow Laces - 5mm wide

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These Rope style thick round laces are ideal for running shoes, trainers and boots. They are strong in construction, feature a reflective weave, and will brighten up pretty much any footwear! This pair are Rope Style Yellow shoelaces.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Jodi W
Excellent quality laces

2nd time I've bought replacement laces from Big Laces, because the ones they sell with shoes are absolute tat! These laces last, they outlasted my last shoes! Also, even though there's less choice of length, they still ended up being absolutely the right size.. dunno how that manages to happen every time! Thanks so much, Big L!

At last non slip laces

I walk regularly using walking boots but have to retighten the laces at least once but these laces haven’t once needed retightening and no need to double knot either. So far they are showing no sign of fraying. All good then and I’ll buy more for other types of shoe.

Look amazing

Look good, strong, i'm very satisfying ! Review from Belgium.