What length laces do I need?

I have the existing laces: When replacing laces in footwear, by far the best method is to measure the laces already in the shoes and buy the closest to that length.

I don't have the existing laces: Lace up using string or similar to the desired look and then measure the string.

I want the quick and easy method but I don't mind if they are not exact: Use our rough guide below to determine the length of laces you will require. We also sell kits for shortening laces if you are after a very precise length.


The Rough Guide to Shoelace Lengths


Number of Pairs of Eyelets Length to Order
3-4 70cm
5-6 90cm
6-7 114cm (45in)
8 137cm (54in)
9 160cm (63in)
10-11 182cm (72in)
More than 11 Contact Us!