Flat Black Shoelaces 8mm wide

Flat Black Shoelaces - 8mm wide

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Our Flat Black 8mm wide shoelaces are the ideal replacement for the standard flat laces that are supplied with most sports shoes and trainers. The tight tubular weave gives a quality finish but, equally as important, it provides strength and protection against snagging. These laces are very popular with wearers of Converse Hi-Tops and Lo-Tops as well as looking great in Adidas, Nike and Puma trainers. The longer lengths are also perfect for ice skates, hockey laces, knee length and thigh length boots etc.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Francis
Great Laces

I have large, knee-length, orthotic leather boots which the NHS have supplied to try to keep me walking and working. They're hand-made to measure and are fantastic but they are supplied with laces that have been spliced together to get the length. The boots have to be laced tightly and the spliced laces soon fray and snap.
I did get some long laces from China but they had too much stretch in them, then I found Big Laces and they are superb! Fast delivery and great laces with a good length aglet to aid threading through the multiple holes! The laces have just enough stretch to let the boots be pulled tightly and not so much stretch that the boots wear loose.
These laces are as tight at the end of the day as they are when I first lace the boots in the morning AND they are such good quality that the first pair Big Laces I bought have actually outlived the first pair of boots I was fitted for!

Helen Beeston

These were bought as a replacement pair of laces for a pair of Skechers. They were exactly the right length and thickness. A perfect fit!

ExLong Flat Laces

Great laces for Doc Martens boots. Quick delivery and good quality. Many thanks 😊

Mandy Ali
Trainer lace

It fit my trainers and was delivered on time

Wayne Aldridge
Really nice quality

Not thin and stretchy like most laces 👍