Xtenex Triathlon Blue White Shoelaces

Xtenex X300 Triathlon Blue White Shoelaces

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Xtenex X300 Blue White Laces are the best elastic laces in the world and are popular with professional athletes; from golfers to distance runners to triathletes. They are also are perfect for anyone who wears casual shoes, senior shoes, orthopedic shoes, medical shoes, diabetic shoes, children's shoes and everyone else in between.

Xtenex (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) is a worldwide patented elastic lace technology that produces adjustable tensioning between shoe eyelets. This technology addresses the source of footwear related pain and discomfort: lace migration. Lace migration is the gradual movement of the shoe lace toward the forward bend of a shoe, which causes two main problems:

1) Binding; a tightening and restricting pressure at the top of the shoe. This can lead to foot fatigue, pain, numbness and restriction of natural foot swelling.

2) It loosens the fit around the footwear s metatarsal area, which causes increased slipping and reduction of forward foot stabilization. This can produce heat friction, which often leads to painful blisters.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Very Impressive

I was sceptical.. Elastic laces holding my shoes on?!?

Put them in and set them up with an even tightness across the shoe. Made a couple of small adjustments and went for a run (7km).

When I got home, I went to 'undo' my laces. I was stunned when I discovered (remembered) that I was using Xtenex laces!! They were so great that I didn't even notice they were holding my shoes on!

I would say they are even better than laces, because the tension is the same every time I put my shoes on.

Awesome. Will get more for the rest of my shoes.

Chris Boyden-Walker

OOOh now these laces really are 'the job'! I love them, they're magic, you stretch them out to lace your shoes and the knots, set at regular spaces along the lace diappear when you stretch them to get them through the eyelets! When I looked at them, I thought now, how the he....ck am I going to get them through such small holes ? Follow the instructions on the leaflet, I firat tried to get them in with the trainer on my knee as opposed to on my foot, on account of not being able to reach my feet due to very old age and a fat tum!! my tip? get someone else to do them for you!! Excellent! I want more but they don't make thwwm longer in the wonderful colour range in the longer length! So come on Exstenex, Some of us old foggies want more colour in our hiking boots! Please?

David Hilton

Compplicated to use but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Might be easier for someone who doesn't need to adjust their lacing so much. They look bulky on the shoe but when I'm wearing them and they are stretched out they appear ok.