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Tha Lace Place gets renamed!! As of 1 Mar 2009, Tha Lace Place will officially be renamed Big Laces. We have had problems with returning customers finding our site due to typing "The" instead of "Tha" so we have decided to rename. All our staff are the same, no-one has bought us out, so you can continue to enjoy the same level of service you have become accustomed to :) Thanks to everyone who made Tha Lace Place such a success and we promise to continue to serve you in the same way we have done since 2006, under our...

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Gold Powerseller Status from eBay

eBay have just granted us Gold Powerseller status in recognition of our 100% feedback record and quantity of sales. Thank you to all our buyers, from the newest to the regular friends of the shop. We aim to reward you all with more special offers :)

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Headbands and Sweatbands now available separately

Due to increasing demand we are now selling our headbands and wristbands singularly as well as in sets. Singularly they are £1.75 each, but you can still buy 2 Wristbands and a Headband together as a set for £3.50.

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Cheaper Shipping to Ireland

In recognition of the fact it is cheaper to ship to Ireland than the rest of Europe we have now created a custom shipping charge to Ireland in both our eBay store and website.

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SuperStarDB (wear Adidas Superstars?)

We’ve recently been in touch with the administrators of, an excellent website dedicated to shell toes. All members of the website receive a discount at our store and there’s loads of good info on there if you are looking to buy sneakers and want advice on spotting fakes/where to buy. You’ll see us proudly displaying our approved seller banner on our home page!

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