Black Lock Laces

Black Reflective Lockable Laces - 3mm wide

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These Black Lockable laces are round elasticated shoelaces which help wearers to slip shoes on and off more easily without having to untie the shoe each time. They are supplied with Toggles and Grippers for easy installation and once fitted only operation of the grippers is required to allow the shoe to be taken on/off.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Batley
Black Reflective Lockable shoes

Nice and simple to fit, make my shoes easier to slip on and off, but would perfer have a clip piece at end the of the laces, instead of the knob piece that needs tying up.

K Koller
Perfect and great value!

Excellent product, great value and speedy delivery! Highly recommend

Ms Ann Chapman

These strong elastic laces allow the shoes to be put on without untying. Set the fit then forget having to struggle to bend to tie them. Ideal for anyone who has trouble reaching their feet. If the shoe has a tongue I use a pair of forceps to hold onto it while getting my foot into the shoe. But this method only works with a shoe which you can get into without having to open it right up. These laces come in a fantastic range of colours.