Old Kooks Dura Force Unbreakable Charcoal Grey Laces

Old Kooks Dura Force Unbreakable Charcoal Grey Laces - 5mm wide

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The strongest, toughest and most durable boot laces for work boots, construction boots and all industrial applications. Dura-ForceTM Laces are made from the same high-tech fibres as Snakes!TM Laces, but in longer lengths, suitable for all heavy duty jobs. At 2500 pounds tensile strength , Dura-ForceTM Laces are literally stronger than steel. They're also coated with urethane for maximum abrasion and water resistance. They are far superior to standard snowboard bootlaces and better than any replacement laces available.

Performance Tip: The urethane coating on Dura-ForceTM Laces makes them slick. Double knot them and they will stay put.


- Indestructible!!


- Not the cheapest shoelaces available

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