Navy White Lock Laces

Navy White Lockable Laces - 3mm wide

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These Navy White Lockable laces are round elasticated shoelaces which help wearers to slip shoes on and off more easily without having to untie the shoe each time. They are supplied with Toggles and Grippers for easy installation and once fitted only operation of the grippers is required to allow the shoe to be taken on/off.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Roy Anderson
Good show

Excellent service and prompt delivery. They deserve to do well.

Keith Tomlinson
Elasticated laces really work

I converted a pair of trainer a while back - I like this idea so much all my sports shorts now have laces - colours are endless.

You can tighten or loosen as you please and the pressure over your whole foot is so much better - no more fighting to get the tightening evenly distributed.

Avoids tying laces

Purchased a set for every set of shoes my son wears for about 3 years. He cannot tie his shoe laces, one less thing to worry about.

Michael Blake
Better than laces!

Due to a spinal condition I use casual outside shoes as indoor slippers, but it's always a problem finding matching laces for some quality brand shoes. I ordered a pair of normal laces from Big Laces but also grabbed a pair of these to try.

They're awesome! They make it much easier to slip on and off shoes regularly - if you have a problem putting on shoes due to a back problem then give these a go!

Bobby Hanna
Great Product

Great service - my order arrived very promptly.
I replaced the laces in my North Face Hedgehogs with the lockable laces. I am very pleased with the result and am now considering replacing the laces in my running shoes with lockable laces.