Grey Lock Laces

Grey Lockable Laces - 3mm wide

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These Grey Lockable laces are round elasticated shoelaces which help wearers to slip shoes on and off more easily without having to untie the shoe each time. They are supplied with Toggles and Grippers for easy installation and once fitted only operation of the grippers is required to allow the shoe to be taken on/off.

All laces are supplied in pairs

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Customer Reviews

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Great Laces

Very easy to fit and brilliant. They changed my lace up trainers to easy slip ons.

Pete Coulson
Lockable Laces

As usual the order arrived very quickly. Quiet a surprize considering the pandenic lockdown situation.
I've bought these laces before. They are exceptionally easy to adjust and very tough. Originals still in use. This purchase was to go in another couple of pairs of trainers.
I never buy boot, shoe ot trainer laces anywhere else.

Hilary Hodgson
Busy Boots

I am on the wrong side of 75 and so these laces have saved time and effort with shoes going on and off, and going on and off. So easy and quick. Not only that but I wanted navy laces, and this outlet was the only one which supplied the right colour.

Penny Weatherall

Just had hip replacement and am unable to reach my feet to tie shoe laces, having to rely on friends and family! Since discovering your elasticated laces, I'm able to put on my own shoes and walking boots. Fantastic! They really work,Even when I can reach my feet again, I intend to keep the elasticated laces. So quick and easy and just the right tension..

Clare Lee

I love these laces, I'm usually going out with a preschooler and a baby anything that speeds up getting ready to leave is a bonus in my books