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Old Kooks Snakes Unbreakable Laces

Width 4mm Product Code OK-SNK Length Colour

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Old Kooks Snakes Unbreakable Laces

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The ultimate skateboarding shoelace! Snakes!TM Laces are made from super high-tech fibres which are braided to create shoe laces that are literally stronger than steel cable of the same diameter. How strong, exactly? 1600 pounds tensile strength. They're also coated with urethane for maximum abrasion resistance. So, not only are they the strongest shoelaces in the world, they are also the toughest! Snakes!TM Laces have been thoroughly tested by skaters who put serious hurt on their shoes, doing kneeslides, berts, kickflips, etc. Everyone agrees that these are the most durable shoe laces on the planet.

Performance Tip: The urethane coating on Snakes Laces makes them slick. Double knot them and they will stay put.


- Indestructible!!


- Not the cheapest shoelaces available

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