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9 November 16

New Two Colour Oval Running Laces now in stock!

Ideal replacements for New Balance, Asics etc

Oval Two Colour Laces

6 October 16

New Tie Dye Laces now in stock!

Tie Dye laces

6 October 16

New Zig Zag Style Laces now in stock!

Zig Zag laces

6 October 16

New Flat Waxed 4mm and 8mm wide laces now in stock!

Flat Waxed 4mm wide laces

Flat Waxed 8mm wide laces

21 September 16

We now have a full range of flat cotton laces in stock!

Flat Cotton Laces

15 June 16

Rainbow Laces wholesale site now live!!

We've finally launched the Rainbow Laces site for anyone wishing to order these laces in bulk : )

Rainbow Laces

9 November 15

Lots more hiking colours now in stock

Hiking Laces

17 June 15

NEW IN STOCK!! The full range of Innies!! Great, simple solution for anyone who currently tucks their laces in and ends up walking around all day on loads of excess lace!


29 April 15

NEW IN STOCK!! A new range of Hiking Boot Laces including Reflective laces!!

Hiking Laces

New in Stock

15 April 15

NEW IN STOCK!! A full range of Lock Laces which making putting shoes on and off a doddle!!

Lock Laces

10 March 15

New in stock!!

We now stock a range of Rope Style laces in various reflective and non-reflective colours:

Thick 5mm wide Rope Style Laces

Sports Running Shoe Laces

6 March 15

New in stock!!

We now have the perfect replacements for Asics, New Balance etc running shoes. These 6mm oval laces are strong but lightweight and come in 30 colours:

Sports Running Shoe Laces

Dr Martens Product Range Now in Stock!!

8 November 13

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the entire Dr Martens Shoelaces, Bootlaces and Product Care range!! They can be found here:

Dr Martens Laces
Dr Martens Product Care

New Style Rainbow Laces Now In Stock!

7 October 13

We are now stocking new style Rainbow laces:

Mr Lacy Snowies Snowboot laces now in stock!

9 September 13

We are now stocking the super thick, strong, water repellant, anti-freeze Mr Lacy Snowies!! A must if you preparing for the slopes this winter:

Mr Lacy Snowies

Mr Lacy Runnies Reflective Laces now in stock!

23 August 13

We now have Mr Lacy Runnies Reflective Laces in stock!! They are available in 3 colours and feature a reflective strip down the middle for increased visibility at night:

Mr Lacy Runnies Reflective

Waxed Laces now back in stock in 240cm!!

18 July 13

Our hugely popular waxed laces are now back in stock in 240cm length. They are available in Brown or Black and in 3mm and 5mm widths:

Waxed Black Laces

Waxed Brown Laces

24 April 13

We have just added 4 more Mr Lacy products to the range. They can be found here:

Clubbies Yellow and Red

Clubbies Yellow and Green

Flatties Grey

Printies Leopard Purple

More colours available in Round and Flat 7mm and 10mm wide laces

9 April 13

We have expanded the range of colours in the flat 7mm and 10mm laces and the standard round laces. We now have Black, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Royal Blue, Grey and Dark Beige. They can be found here:

Flat 7mm laces

Flat 10mm laces

Standard Round Laces

New Flat Reflective Shoelaces Now in Stock

7 Mar 13

We are now stocking flat reflective shoelaces in 5 colours. They are great for cycling, running and walking and reflect car headlights brilliantly! They can be found here: Reflective Shoelaces

Karrimor laces now in Stock

14 Jan 13

We are now stocking the full range of Karrimor replacement laces:

Karrimor Laces

Christmas Posting Dates

As the big day draws ever closer it's important to remember that postal services slow down somewhat and with the weather in the UK as unpredictable as ever "sooner rather than later" applies to internet shopping as much as anything else. Details of Royal Mail's last Christmas post dates for UK and international delivery can be found here:

Royal Mail Last Post Dates for Christmas

5mm wide round laces now in stock

We now have a range of thicker 5mm laces in stock ready for those winter boots! They can be found at the link below and we will be adding more colours over time:

Round Laces

Genuine Dr Martens Replacement Laces Now In Stock!!

There's a range of designs, lengths and styles available for your DMs or other shoes/boots.

Dr Martens Laces

5mm waxed now back in stock!!

Following their little brothers, the 5mm waxed black and brown laces have now arrived en masse and are ready to buy :)

Waxed 3mm now back in stock

Hurray!!! 3mm waxed shoelaces are finally back in stock after a summer shortage. Available in black and brown in lengths from 75cm up to a massive 240cm.

Ironlace Laces now in stock!!

Ironlace (who used to be Armorlace) are the last word in indestructible laces. They carry a lifetime guarantee and are proven to be stronger than all other laces in tests (see below). They're not the cheapest on the market but that's because they are the last pair of laces you will ever need to buy!! Available in Black or Brown, in lengths between 114cm and 213cm they are 3mm wide and are now available in the store:

Mr Lacy Waxies now in stock!!

We have just introduced the Mr Lacy Waxies range to the store. There's currently only three colours to choose from but we're expecting more in the future.

Mr Lacy Waxies

Now stocking Mr Lacy Runnies!!

We now have Mr Lacy Runnies in stock. These water repellant lightweight laces are designed for running shoes but look great in any type of trainers.

Mr Lacy Runnies

Loopeez learn to tie Shoelaces now in stock!!

We are now stocking the Loopeez learn to tie shoelaces. These dual-coloured laces work with shoelace tying aids to help teach the technique for tying shoelaces.

Loopeez Learn to tie Shoelaces